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Why You Should Install Solar On Your First Home

At Vision Solar, we know buying your first home is beyond exciting. However, as exciting as this is, the bills begin to pile up so quickly. Because of this, we want to educate our first-time homebuyers on the best way to save money on their monthly bills. Residential solar power in New Jersey is a great way for you to get started on saving money for your fixer upper. Here are some of the best benefits that come with installing solar on your first home.

Lower Your Utility Bills

With any important investment, timing is very important. If you have seen a recent spike in your utility bills during this time, you are not alone. The relationship between being home and energy usage is as simple as it seems. While we all continue to work or maybe stream our Netflix episodes, the amount of energy we are using is increased much more than when you were going to work and when your kids were going to school. Electric bills have increased by 30% since the beginning of COVID. COVID has  also opened many doors for employees to continue to work from home. Because of this, we all should not expect this new normal to go away any time soon. As you work from home, or sit at home, it would be wise to remember that summer months are approaching quickly. Whether you are installing solar panels in Florida or solar panels in Arizona, the summer heat can be beat. Solar energy for your home may be the best way to treat yourself during this tough time. You deserve to be able use the necessary energy for a cool home and an efficient work day without having to stress about the cost.

Selling With Solar

As technology advances, there are many challenges that come with selling a home that is so up to date on the times. There are so many positive environmental impacts that come with your solar panels. It is vital to market all of the positives that come with the solar panels when trying to sell your home. Along with this, you should have your solar agreement ready to show your buyers. The price of your home should reflect the price of the panels. Because of this, it may be harder to draw in buyers because of the higher price. Focus on the marketability of your home in order to bring in the right buyers for your solar powered home in Arizona. Here at Vision Solar, we also recommend finding an agent that knows the positives of solar power to help you sell your home. We are available for any questions that you may have to make your home marketable. However, remember the reasons that you purchased your system in the first place. Your smart decision should be properly passed onto your buyers. These benefits include huge savings on your electric bill, environmental benefits, and also financial incentives. All of these reasons are a great way to show your buyers that the solar system that exists on your home is in fact an amazing investment for their future.


Solar power is a huge step in finding your new normal. As we continue to do our par at Vision Solar, we hope you see a vision of a brighter future with your investment in solar energy.


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