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Why You Should Go Solar Today

COVID-19 has brought many unprecedented obstacles. I am sure there are many of us who would have never imagined having to wear a mask to simply go to the grocery store. This new normal has affected our lives in many ways, more importantly it has affected many of our pockets. Home energy demand has increased by more than 22% since the beginning of COVID. In simpler terms, this results in increased utility bills. In all of this negativity, there are some positive steps we can take in order to move towards a brighter future. So, why is today the best day to switch to solar?

Lower Your Utility Bills

With any important investment, timing is very important. If you have seen a recent spike in your utility bills during this time, you are not alone. The relationship between being home and energy usage is as simple as it seems. While we all continue to work or maybe stream our Netflix episodes, the amount of energy we are using is increased much more than when you were going to work and when your kids were going to school. Electric bills have increased by 30% since the beginning of COVID. COVID has  also opened many doors for employees to continue to work from home. Because of this, we all should not expect this new normal to go away any time soon. As you work from home, or sit at home, it would be wise to remember that summer months are approaching quickly. Whether you are installing solar panels in Florida or solar panels in Arizona, the summer heat can be beat. Solar energy for your home may be the best way to treat yourself during this tough time. You deserve to be able use the necessary energy for a cool home and an efficient work day without having to stress about the cost.


The benefits of residential solar power during  and following these tough times can definitely help put some money back in your pocket. This begins with the decrease in your utility bills. The decrease in your utility bills can help that 30% increase in your electricity bill decrease enough to help you save in other areas. Besides, we know that every penny counts right now.

Cleaner Environments

Solar power is a great way to continue the positive environmental effects that have occurred over the past few months. Green House Gas (GHG) emissions have dropped to an amount that have not been seen since before World War II. Because of this, the amount of toxic pollutants that we release from our home are one of the larger environmental impacts right now. In order to reduce your own environmental impact, solar panels are an easy way to promote the continuation of a cleaner earth. With cleaner air, we can also expect to see improved public health. With less air and water pollutants, this allows for improvement in many health issues such as breathing issues, heart attacks, cancer, and many others. This is an idea that we can all feel good about moving forward.


Solar power is a huge step in finding your new normal. As we continue to do our par at Vision Solar, we hope you see a vision of a brighter future with your investment in solar energy.


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