Vision Solar : Why Are Solar Panel Not Everywhere?

Why Are Solar Panels Not Everywhere?

After reading all of the benefits of solar, many of our customers why solar has not been taken advantage of everywhere. Well, there is no simple answer to this question. Instead, there have been many factors over the years that have prevented solar panels from being everywhere. Some of the top reasons that solar panels are not everywhere are some of the reasons that the environment is struggling so much. So, we hope that one day the power of solar is harvested almost everywhere one day, but for now, we do what we can to help our customers first.

Cost of Solar

One of the main reasons that solar is not everywhere is because of the high cost of solar. Although the costs are continuing to decrease, it is no surprise that people still do not see the benefits when the cost is still initially higher than what they are paying currently. However, the most important part about the cost of solar is that the cost is going to continue to decrease, meanwhile, other forms of electricity will continue to increase as time goes on. The cost of solar is a barrier that will not last forever.

There Are Other Types of Energy

Currently, the majority of the United States’ energy is produced by natural gas. Because of this, many people who already have a cheap source of energy do not feel the need to switch to solar. At Vision Solar, we want our customers to know that although there are plenty of other forms of energy, solar power should be one of their top choices. Along with this, we continue to find cleaner, renewable, sources of energy, such as wind energy. Because of this, it is good to have a balance in power producers in order to have multiple resources.

How to Get Started on Residential Solar

If you find yourself wondering if solar is a good fit for your home, contact us today. Once you have contacted us we can get started on your solar journey and determining exactly what kind of panels will be best for your home. Your savings could be upwards of 20% each month. We handle all of the permitting prior to installation. Once we are permitted to install, installation is finished in 24-hours. Let all of your solar needs be handled by your trusted professionals at Vision Solar.


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