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Whitehouse Renews Solar Power

With one of our largest elections right around the corner, at Vision Solar we know politics can be a sensitive topic. Our customers take pride in knowing their panels are saving them money no matter what is going on in the outside world around them. A small fact that we want to share with you is the education on what kind of solar power the Whitehouse is even taking pride in. So, no matter who ends up in the white house in the next few months,  they too know the power and benefits of solar power from a personal perspective.


The Whitehouse has a total of three solar energy systems on the Whitehouse grounds. Prior to the installation, they took time to design their system perfectly in order to harvest as much sunlight as they possibly could. With the looks of the Whitehouse in mind, they decided to have The National Park Service oversee all of the operation that went into their solar installation. This allowed their system to be installed, while still keeping the natural look of the Whitehouse.


The first solar system is located on the roof of the central maintenance building to the Whitehouse. This solar panel system consists of 167 photovoltaic panels. This solar power that is harvested is used in order to help power the home, along with other operations that are being carried out on the grounds.


The second solar system that is located on the Whitehouse grounds is located on top of the living quarters at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This solar system is a solar water heater. This solar water heather helps to save on energy usage on their hot water. The amount of hot water that is needed for the grounds can be a lot. Because of this, they wanted a cleaner way to generate the energy needed for their hot water.


The panels that exist on the Whitehouse grounds are extremely advanced to some of the first ones that were installed in 1979. With the size of their system, the panels are predicted to pay for themselves within the next eight years. These panels are a huge part of decreasing the Whitehouse’s carbon footprint on the world. A leader that wants a cleaner way of life should be supporting their own views. This application of solar panels to the Whitehouse is an amazing financial benefit.


Solar helps to power thousands on a daily  basis. To start saving money with solar today contact us.

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