Where Is Vision Solar Located

Where is Vision Solar Located?

Vision Solar is growing on a daily basis. Over the past 3 years, we have continued to expand at an extremely fast rate and are continuing to expand. However, it is important to know where exactly we are located so that you can find out if we can help you with all of your solar needs. Vision Solar’s location is very important in order for you to better understand us and our background in the solar industry. Our current corporate office is located in Blackwood, New Jersey.

Our 5 Locations:


      1. New Jersey
      2. Pennsylvania
      3. Florida
      4. Arizona
      5. Massachusetts


All of these five locations bring upon new opportunities and new challenges. However, we want you to know that every state offers different incentives for switching to solar. Throughout your installation process, we will be able to lay out each and every single benefits that comes with your solar panels in your state. The benefits of solar can b upwards of 20% on your monthly electric bill and up to 20,000 over 20 years.

Our New Hired Employees:

Over the past two years, the number of hired employees has increased by more than 300%. We take into consideration every aspect of our employees. We look for trusted professionals that we know we can trust and also you can trust. Our hiring process is strict in order to ensure that our services are as professional as promised. We want your home to be in the best hands. Within 2020 alone, we have hired more than 100 new employees, with many more to come.

Saving You Money With Solar:

Our end goal with all of this rapid expansion consists of installing your panels successfully. However, Vision Solar’s customer service goes beyond this. Because you are the most important part of this process, we want to ensure that you are saving money in the end. Your dedication and ability to trust us with your home is appreciated beyond words. From here, we hope that your panels save you the most amount of money possible. We know that times are tough. We have done everything we can to place your panels perfectly so that they collect the maximum amount of sunlight that they possibly can throughout the day. Our experts that work behind the screen have taken satellite images to make ensure this. Our entire process from start to finish is something you are always welcome to ask questions about.

As we continue to expand to new state and new areas, we hope that we can help you through your entire process. Contact us today to get started!


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