Vision Solar : When Are My Panels Most Efficient

When Are My Panels Most Efficient?

Reaping all of the benefits of solar power is a great way to bring some positivity into your 2020. Similar to how we as humans have preferences in when we are most productive, your panels do too. For some, we are most productive right after we drink our morning coffee. Well, your panels have one form of energy, the sun. Because of this, your panels, although they are productive all the time, they too have a preference in time.

Time of Year:

The time of year that your panels prefer is going to be the time where the sun is shining the most, summer. Hot summers with sunny days are the best days for your panels when producing energy for your home. With this, summer days are also longer, which in return energy production is up during the summer months when the sun is out longer throughout the day. However, even when the sun is not out as long during the winter months, your panels are still producing more than enough energy to power your home throughout the night and throughout the day.

Time of Day:

During different seasons, the sun is out during certain primary times of the day. However, if we combine the correct season, summer, with the correct time of day, your panels are working the most efficiently than any other time of the year. The prime time for your panels to be producing energy is between 11am and 4pm. This time of day s when the sun is positioned at the highest points in the sky. Any time before this, and any time following this is when the sun begins to fall down the sky, not truly optimizing the sun’s rays.

Difference in Energy Production:

The differences in the amount of energy that your panels are producing is significant. The average home can collect up to 200 more kWh in the summer time than during the winter time. However, it is important to remember that even if your panels are not producing the same amount of energy that they did during the winter months they are able to use stored energy from the grid that they produced in previous months. Along with this, our installation experts at Vision Solar will always ensure that no matter what time of year that they have installed enough panels to power your home.


The efficiency of your panels is always our top priority at Vision Solar. To get started on your trusted solar panel installation Contact Us.

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