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What Will My Monthly Payment Be With Solar?

At Vision Solar, we want our customers to be more than prepared for their solar panel installation. Prior to installation agreement, we commonly receive the question of “What will my monthly payment be?’. Well, our professional team has done everything they can to make sure you have all of the information you will need for your solar panels. We lay out all of the monthly costs for you during your meeting with your sales rep. However, if you have not scheduled a meeting and would like to know what your monthly payment will be, this is dependent upon many things. So, to help you better understand the components that go into calculating your cost, we have laid them out for you here.

The Amount of Electricity You Use:

The amount of electricity you use is the first part to calculating your monthly payment. What many people do not realize is that your home will still be connected to your local grid. However, instead of paying for overpriced energy, you will now be paying a lower rate. This as a whole decreases your monthly electricity bill by more than 20%. Your new price for electricity is what will save you the most money over your next 25 year lease.

The Design of Your System:

The design of your system is a huge part of your costs. The amount of solar panels you need is based on the amount of electricity that you have used in the past. This then allows our experts to map out how to lay your panels and how many panels you will need. By ensuring you are collecting the maximum amount of energy with your panels, our team is also ensuring that your monthly payment is as low as possible. Along with this, the design of your system, and energy collection, is what can help you earn some of the expenses back. The excess energy that you do not use can be used to help cover late months in the year. For solar owners in New Jersey, many times their collection during the summer can help them through the winter months. This is so important for your savings.

Savings With Solar:

The money that you can earn back from the grid could essentially be enough to pay for your entire bill. Your panels in this case are paying for themselves. With the push for clean energy, net metering hopefully stays in place for as long as possible. However, as with any incentive, there is no guarantee that this will stay in place forever. To get started on your installation process Contact us.


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