Vision Solar : What is the Definition of Solar?

What Is the Definition of Solar?

While trying to understand solar power, at Vision Solar we try to break down all of the elements. This is one of the best ways to teach our customers about not only solar, but also our entire process. Breaking down the term solar power begins with the breakdown of the term solar. What exactly  is solar? With this question, we have created a small outline of the best way to learn this term in order to better your knowledge on what you are installing for your home.

The Definition of Solar:

The dictionary definition of solar is:

of or relating to the sun; proceeding from the sun, as light or heat.

How Solar Becomes Power:

Solar becomes power when the sun’s energy is used as thermal energy or through photovoltaic cells in order to generate electricity. Solar panels are the best way to apply photovoltaic cells. Harvesting the sun’s energy into the panels, allows you to be able to have energy for your home. Photovoltaic energy is a clean, renewable source of energy. This particular type of energy uses solar radiation to produce electricity. The way that photovoltaic energy is created and absorbed is through the photoelectric effect. The photoelectric effect allows for certain materials to absorb photons and release electrons, which in return creates an electric current. Combining solar energy with photovoltaic cells is what powers your home on a daily basis.

Positives of Solar Power:

  1. Environmental Positives
    1. The last and final top benefit from solar panels stems in their lack of emissions. Having no negative emissions being released into the environment, solar panels are a great investment for our customers who want to take the extra step towards a cleaner world around them. Cleaner air and cleaner energy allows for more money and aid to be expressed elsewhere in the endless amount of environmental issues that are occurring in the world.
  2. Savings
    1. Utility electric bills continue to increase every single year. For our customers this is usually one of their favorite benefits to their solar panel installation. Our customers on average save upwards of 20% on their monthly electric bill. For a 25 year lease, this can translate to $20,000 or more in savings over their entire lease period. This amount of money that can be saved just on your utility bill is a great way to finally be able to save for things in life that matter more to you. In the end, the savings are for you to be able to have more freedom from your bills.


Solar energy is the next step forward in saving the environment and saving your wallet. Our solar panel installation is completed within a 24-hour window following all of the necessary permitting process. Contact us to have a completely customer-focused solar experience.




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