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Top Jobs In the Solar Industry

The solar industry is growing by the minute. With growth, comes more availability of jobs. Following COVID, some of us may still be in search of our next job moving forward. Well, the solar industry may be just for you!

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

A solar photovoltaic installer is the perfect job for someone who constantly is looking to work with their hands under the sun. Hands on jobs can are perfect for those with handy background. Now, for those who fear heights, we can definitely find a different position for you later. All of our employees are more than safe on the roofs of our customers. We ensure each employee is properly fastened. Climbing on top of roofs and installing solar is a great new job for those who are looking for a new skill with a little bit of a rush.

Sales Representative

“Can you sell this pen?”. We all know this line. For those of you ready to tackle that question, becoming a sales representative may be in your future. Sales representatives have the opportunity to share with our customers all of the benefits of solar. You will be the person helping our customers make the right decision and being there every step of the way towards their final installation. With a motivated attitude, you can sell solar and help so many people in the process.

Solar Project Developer

The solar project developer is the perfect position for those with a desire in paperwork, and any legal documents that come with solar panel installation. Residential solar panel requires proper permitting from each town. Because of this, you will be able to ensure that our customers receive this permitting and are prepared for all of the tax agreements that come with the switch to solar energy. Knowing all of the questions to ask and the answers to give is the reason his position is so great for you. Your ability to pay attention to detailed paperwork and catch has led you to this point.

Join Our Team

If you are interested in joining our Vision Solar team, we recommend looking through our core values. These core values lead us to our ultimate path of helping our customers. By keeping them in mind in everything we do, we are ensuring that your solar panel installation experience is unlike any other. Our objective is to make sure that you are having the best quality of  professionals install our customers’ solar residential solar panels. Each one of our team members plays a valuable role in the installation process. Send in a resume today or apply for a position today on our Facebook.

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