Vision Solar : Top 3 Myths About Solar

Top 3 Myths About Solar Power

With any positive change in the world there are always critics and myths that come along with is. For solar energy there are a multitude of myths that continue to circle the globe and make out customer hesitant. So, in order to eliminate any of these hesitations, we are going to provide you with the top 3 myths about solar power that we hear at Vision Solar. By educating our customers on what is and what is not true about solar power, we hope to only help in this process and bring more savings into your lives.

1. Solar Panels Do Not Work If It Is Cloudy

It is absolutely true that solar panels work best when the sun is shining. However, this does not mean that if it is an extra cloudy day that your panels are going to all of a sudden shut down. One of our best analogies that we use at Vision Solar is our beach analogy. When you go to the beach, sometimes some of the worst sun burns you can get happen on cloudy days. This is because even though you cannot see the sun, the sun is still producing UV Rays and energy. Your solar panels work in the same way. On cloudy days, they are still generating energy in the same way that they would on a sunny day because the sun is still giving off energy.

2. Solar Panels Can Harm Your Roof

Solar panel installation requires a very thorough inspection of your roof prior to beginning your installation. With all of this preparation we always take into consideration the condition of your roof and whether or not solar panels will benefit your home. Surprisingly, installing solar panels to your roof can actually be a way to extend the life of your roof. With our team of professionals, proper installation will allow your roof to be covered by the panels. The coverage prevents less wear and tear over time. Because of this, solar panels do the exact opposite of harming your roof.

3. Solar Panels Will Increase the Cost of Electricity

Solar panels do not increase the cost of electricity. In fact, solar panels give you the opportunity to pay much less for your monthly electricity. Homeowners with solar power save more than 20% on their monthly electric bill. With solar becoming more popular, solar is the only way to decrease the cost of electricity. Installing solar allows for more power to be returned to the grid because of the amount of electricity just one home can generate. This is how electricity costs can be lowered.


These three myths are very believable without the proper education on how solar energy works. However, we hope we have provided you with the proper information to spread the word on the positives of solar. Contact us to help spread more awareness.

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