Vision Solar : Top 2 Disadvantages of Solar

Top 2 Disadvantages of Solar

In everything we do in life there are always endless amounts of positives and negatives. Because of this, we want all of our customers to always consider not only the positives of solar panels, but also all of the negatives. With this information, our customers can trust our completely transparent process. These negatives can help you understand whether or not the positives can outweigh the negatives that come with your solar panel installation.


The cost of solar energy can be very expensive if a homeowner is buying their system outright. The average cost of solar for a 5kw system is about $10,434. This amount accounts for the average sized home in New Jersey. However, depending on the size of your home and how many panels your home needs the costs range from $6,400 to $19,000 (3kw to 10kw). However, even with this costly amount, there are many options for your payment. There are also tax exemptions and tax incentives that can give you the opportunity to earn some of these installation costs back. The cost of your panels when buying them may be pricey, but it is important to remember that you can lease them. This will give you a a monthly bill and still be cheaper than your electric bill with regular electricity. At Vision Solar, we want to make sure your payment options are always customized to your needs.


One of the second largest disadvantages of solar power is the difference in locations between homeowners. There is no doubt that Florida gets a lot more sunshine than New Jersey. Because of this, New Jersey residents may require more panels to be safe with having enough energy to power their home. The farther you get from the equator, the less efficient your panels may work. However, with our installation team, we have taken this into consideration before installing your panels. Because of this, we have mapped out the panels in order for them to be positioned to absorb as much sunlight as they possibly can. We have made sure to provide you with enough panels to have more than enough energy to power your home, even through those cold, cloudy months.


The disadvantages of solar power are nothing to be afraid of. By being aware of the disadvantages, you can be educated on the investment that you are making. At Vision Solar, we can do everything we can to prevent these disadvantages from harming your solar experience. As we continue to work hard to be consistently improving our service, we hope you contact us to get started on your solar experience.

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