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The Impact of Residential Solar Power on Climate Change

There are so many different areas where greenhouse gases are released. Currently, the United States is doing what they can to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the environment. This means that some of our largest corporations are looking for new ways to power their warehouses and production sites. Clean, renewable energy is the future. Residential homes make up about 13% of the United States’ greenhouse emissions. With this information, we need to do everything we can to make our more homes rely on clean, renewable energy.

Health Benefits of Solar Power

There has been an explosive growth in residential solar power. Solar power replaces the need for fossil fuels to power your home. This alone is a huge health benefit towards you. The environment around you is effected everyday by fossil fuel. By decreasing your carbon footprint, you are creating a healthier environment around yourself and for your home. With this, the harmful emissions that are released are effecting the air that you breath. A simple switch to solar is an easy way for your air to be cleaner in and around your home. This is a benefit to your cardio and respiratory health.

Environmental Benefits of Solar

The environmental benefits that come from sola are very similar to the health benefits. Solar panels release zero carbon emissions. Currently, in just New York, more than 5,000 pounds of coal are burned for homes. The difference than comes from solar power is a huge environmental help. Just by switching to solar in your home, this is equivalent to planting more than 150 trees every year. The damage that is being done cannot be reversed. However, if we change our habits and ways of life to create a cleaner world, we can prevent further damage.

Savings With Solar

The ultimate reward that comes with your solar panel installation is the amount that you save. Your savings are not only on a yearly basis, but also a monthly basis. On you monthly electric bill, you can save 40%. Over the course of your 20 year lease, you can save more than $20,000. These huge savings give you more freedom to spend money on other things that your home needs, or maybe just items that you want. At Vision Solar we know you work hard to pay for your home. Let us do the hard work of powering your home to lighten your load.


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