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The Different Types of Energy in Massachusetts

We sometimes do not realize that our energy comes from many different places in Massachusetts. The way that we fuel our lives continues to advance and sometimes continues to harm our pockets and the environment. Because of this, we want you to know exactly where your energy is coming from. By realizing the different energy sources, you can decide which one helps your pockets and also fits your specific needs. Your home deserves an energy source that is as unique as your needs.

Natural Gas:

Natural gas fueled about two-thirds of the electricity in 2018. However, it is important to realize that there are no natural gas production sites in Massachusetts. The natural gas is received through the pipeline from other surrounding states. Of this two-thirds, half of the households in Massachusetts are fueled by natural gas. Because of there is no source of natural gas from within the state, there has recently been a fear of shortage as other states because to switch gear to other forms of energy.

Nuclear Power:

One-sixth of the energy produced and used from Massachusetts came from nuclear power. To date, there is only one nuclear power plant within Massachusetts. There is more nuclear energy consumed in Massachusetts than generated. However, because other states are looking for different sources of renewable energy, nuclear power usage continues to decrease each year.


The amount of coal energy used within Massachusetts was less than 1%. Massachusetts does not have any coal mines or coal production sites. Coal energy has one of the highest amount of carbon emissions. Because of this, Massachusetts has made a point in having only 1 in 1,000 households be powered by coal. A clean energy source leads to a cleaner state.

Renewable Energy:

Massachusetts is a firm believer in clean, renewable energy. However, renewable energy sources did not become popular within the state until about 2008. More specifically, because the state has very cold winters and very little room to work with, they have put a large focus on solar energy. Solar energy takes up no extra room on homes and continues to save residents large amounts of money o their electric bill. In 2018, solar energy in Massachusetts ranked seventh in the nation for the amount of solar electricity generated.


As clean energy becomes more and more desired, we continue to do our best to provide you with the best and most trusted solar experience and solar installation. To become a part of this cleaner change, Contact Us.

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