Vision Solar : Tesla and Solar Power

Tesla and Solar Power

A company that first made their debut with a fully electric car is beginning to take on the world with new technologies. The electric car was just the beginning for Tesla’s growth over the past few years. Now, as Tesla continues to advance their technologies, their newest focus is on solar power. Solar power is the perfect tool for not only their cars one day, but for their customers’ homes. With solar power, they have reinvented the regular solar panel. Their newest invention, solar roof tiles.

Solar Roof Tiles

In 2020, Tesla released their Version 3 of their Solar Roof tiles. The tiles are also known as Solarglass. Because of the ability to have a faster installation and optimization, they were even able to lower the prices of their solar tiles for their customers. Elon Musk is on a mission to accelerate their production and installations of solar roofs for the public. Gigafactory in New York is now producing enough solar tiles to install 1,000 solar roofs per week. These advancements are benefitting the solar world by showing new ways to use solar power.

Benefits of Solar

Solar panels give off zero carbon emissions. Compared to other energy sources, solar panels are proven to be one of the cleanest energy sources. The cleanliness of solar energy allows us to slow down the predicament of global warming. Zero greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere when you are powering your home with solar energy. To do our part at Vision Solar we want to do our best to spread the positivity of solar energy. With your solar panel installation you can know that you are also doing your part to help the environment around you.

Savings With Solar

One of the most logical reasons that we need solar power for our future is the amount of savings that come with your switch to solar. Your savings can be upwards of 20% on your monthly electric bill. As a whole, the amount of money that each household is saving is an extremely large amount. Because of this, states are continuously increasing their incentives for going solar. These incentives are an exact reflection of the benefits from solar power. By supporting a clean source of energy, we are able to put money towards larger issues in the world.


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