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Switch to Solar in 2021

Going solar is a huge topic for this year. Each year, the total number of solar installations increases drastically. In 2020, the United States had a 20% growth in solar installations. With the environment being cleaner than ever, all while still having to stay home, we are urging everyone to use this time to their advantage and make the switch to solar. As the solar industry continues to expand, we are doing everything we can to educate our consumers on some of the benefits that come with switching to solar. 


Each state has a multitude of incentives for switching to solar.  The current and most abundant incentives that are still in place include: Federal Solar Tax, Sales Tax Exemption, and Property Tax Exemption. The Federal Solar Tax is a way for you to earn 26% of the installation costs back. The Property Tax Exemption earns consumers up to $15,000 in savings because your property tax will not go up with the installation of solar panels. Last but not least, the solar sales tax exemption prevents you from having to pay sales tax on your solar panels.


COVID-19 was the most defining event of 2020. For 2021, we are all hoping for much more positivity. A small piece of positivity that has come from 2020 while moving into the new year is the environmental impacts that have occurred. Because productivity has been less, pollution has seen a significant drop. Switching to solar in 2021 is the perfect way to continue with this positive trend. Having a cleaner source of energy is supporting your local and universal environment around each of us. We all should be supporters in making the world a cleaner place for our future generations.


The savings that come from solar power are one of the major benefits that consumers see immediately. The average homeowner spends about $112 on their electricity per month. This is dependent on how much they are being charged per kWh (a measure of how much energy you are using; unit of energy equal to one kilowatt sustained for one hour) from their electric company. However, with solar power, homeowners’ new bills will now be based on a fixed flat rate. Their rate will be based on the amount of panels that they need to power their home and also the new rate for their electricity. Not only this, but your new electricity never goes unused or wasted. With net metering in place, the electricity that you produce during the day may be more than what you are using. Your panels then use this electricity to power your home throughout the night when the sun is not out. By using the extra energy that is generated throughout the day, your panels are essentially paying for themselves. On top of this, any excess energy that is produced that you do not use throughout the month will then be used as a credit for your bill. The average home will save upwards of 20% on their electricity bill each month. Your savings will create extra money that you can use on that vacation you have been planning since the beginning of COVID.

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