Vision Solar : Steps to Learning Solar

Steps to Learning Solar

A great way to learn solar is to break it down. The easiest way to break down solar would be to break down each component of solar power. For example, by defining each term, solar and power, we are able to analyze exactly how they come together to power your home. Once you master these steps, you then can use this information to continue to build your knowledge on your solar panel installation. Spreading the word on solar energy is a great way to help save you money and to help you save others money.

The Definition of Solar:

The dictionary definition of solar is:

of or relating to the sun; proceeding from the sun, as light or heat.

What is Photovoltaic Energy?

Photovoltaic energy is a clean, renewable source of energy. This particular type of energy uses solar radiation to produce electricity. The way that photovoltaic energy is created and absorbed is through the photoelectric effect. The photoelectric effect allows for certain materials to absorb photons and release electrons, which in return creates an electric current.

The Positives of Solar Energy

There are so many positives that come from photovoltaic energy. The first positive is the lack of emissions that are released into the atmosphere. There are no emissions released, allowing for a clean source of energy. With this, this clean source of energy comes straight from our earth’s power source, the sun. What this means is that as long as the sun is shining high in the sky, your home is being powered by renewable energy. The solar power that stems from photovoltaic energy has the power to save you money on your monthly electric bill. Customers on average save 20% on their monthly electric bill. What this means is that you are optimizing the sun’s power without harming the earth, all while putting more money in your pocket. Photovoltaic energy continues to become more and more advanced in order to help us all navigate through this crazy thing called life.

Some of the terms that we learn with solar energy can be very confusing. Because of this, at Vision Solar, we will always do our best to ensure that you understand each term individually in order to understand the solar concept as a whole. To learn more about solar, contact us today with any questions you may have concerning your solar installation in Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Arizona, and even Pennsylvania!



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