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Solar Powered Electronics

The convenience of size in electronics and appliances is extremely important to consumers. With this, the ability to compress solar into small devices has brought a lot more advances in technology. Now that solar technology can be as small as a phone, many different types of electronics have been able to perform solely on solar power. This means that more electronics can require less battery charging, which means that they can run for longer. The sun is a powerful, clean resource that should be used for as much as we can, in order to help save our plant and save you money. Here are some recent advancements in technologies that are powered with the sun.

Solar Security Camera

A number of websites advertise solar cameras. Solar cameras require no cords and use a small solar panel to help power the battery of the camera. With this technology, you can easily mount your security camera and panel anywhere on your home. The benefits of the solar camera is the ability to have your camera run all day every day with no need for a charge. Recently, they have even created a solar flood light camera that can be installed as a flood light so intruders will not even realize there is a camera in place.

Solar Battery

Solar batteries may seem silly. However, for our customers that love to camp, this is the newest invention for you. Solar batteries charge themselves with the power of the sun. What this means is that while you are camping, you simply leave your battery outside to “catch some rays” and when you come back you will have a full functioning battery to charge all of your electronics without the need for an outlet.

Solar Lights

Solar lights have been an easy way for homeowners to ensure that their paths are always lit for guests. Without ever having to turn on the lights, your solar lights will automatically turn on when the sun goes down. They also will require no extra costs to run because they are relying solely on the sun’s power. Solar lights are continuing to become advanced and have a more modern look. Next time you are looking for a path light or outdoor light keep this in mind.

Solar Clocks

Solar clocks are another great invention for our camping friends. While on a trip, you may not have an outlet to plug your alarm clock into. However, with a solar clock, no outlet is needed. Instead, your solar clock just needs the proper amount of sunlight throughout the day and will be good to go for the next morning. Solar clocks have also been expanded into solar watches. Solar watches are easy to maintenance and are perfect for people who are always on the go and have no time to charge their watch.


The benefits of solar power are endless. Saving money with solar is our ultimate message at Vision Solar. With a trusted team, you can easily have solar energy power your home today. Contact us today.

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