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Solar Powered Appliances

Large appliances use a lot of energy. More often than not, these large appliances are exactly the root cause of our high electric bill. Because of this, new technologies are being developed in order to try to have solar powered appliances. Now, this would not only help save you extra money with your solar panels, but could also in fact help to extend the lives of your appliances. Here are some of the current and upcoming solar powered appliances that you may be able to look into for your future.

Solar Refrigerator:

A solar refrigerator may sound absurd. However, many people do not understand how much energy their refrigerators are using on a daily basis. At Vision Solar, we can say it is a lot. We urge our customers to do their best to have up to date appliance and to keep their refrigerator doors closed as often as possible. The less your refrigerator has to work to stay cold, the less energy that is being used. A solar refrigerator would cut down on the costs and energy usage all together. With the ability to charge itself on sunlight, your solar refrigerator would cost nothing to run. This could be an easy and great way to save money in the future.

Solar Heater:

Similar to your refrigerator, running your heat during the colder months can add onto your electric bill. So, the solution to this would to have a solar heater. Well, this is in the works. Not only this, but portable solar heathers are in the works for those who are constantly on the move. For campers, portable heaters are so important during the colder months. Solar heaters can run on the sun’s light in order to keep you warm during all times of the year.

Switch to Solar!

At Vision Solar, we are always urging our customers to switch to solar as soon as they can because of the incentives that are currently offered. The tax incentives that are in place will not last forever. By switching to solar today, you can ensure that you earn some of the money used to pay for solar can be earned back. Not only this, but the savings from solar are always a huge help for our customers. By savings upwards of 20% on their monthly electric bill, they are able to have extra money for their home.


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