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Solar Power on Street Signs

As you are driving down the street you may have noticed some new additions to your street signs or stop signs. Prior to your new solar powered street signs, you simply relied on the reflective material to see them at night. However, over the years, it seems to be a huge hazard for when people cannot fully see the stop signs. Because of this, townships have taken into consideration the idea of a solar powered street sign. The solar power allows them to not have any extra costs other than the panel itself. Here are some of the best aspects of s solar powered street sign.


You are able to install solar powered street signs anywhere.  Even in locations where the sun is not shining all of the time, there is still solar power that is collected with the panel. The flexibility of location allows anywhere and everywhere to take advantage of this opportunity. The lighted signs are durable to withstand any type of weather and the panel is able to power the sign through all hours of the night.

Safety For Your Town:

One of the best benefits that comes from solar powered signs is the additional safety. Drivers can have difficulty seeing any sign at night. When the weather gets warmer, our kids begin to stay out longer. As they are running around at night, you can know that drivers are able to properly see all signs in the road to ensure your child’s safety, especially near schools. With this, we know that younger drivers may not always be so attentive. With LED signs, younger drivers will have a better time seeing the signs and following them than what they would if the sign was simply reflective.

How They Work:

The LED signs work with the solar panel by being connected to a battery. The solar panel will be installed on or around the outside of the street sign. Depending on the size of the panel and the size of the battery, some street signs stay lit for the full 24-hours of the day. For smaller panels and smaller batteries, the panel collects the sunlight during the day and then uses this energy to power the battery to power the sign at night.


Solar panels are an easy way for you to save money on your monthly electric bill. Contact us today to get started on your personal savings with solar energy.


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