Vision Solar : Solar Power During the Fall

Solar Power During the Fall

As the colder weather approaches, we want our customers to be completely prepared for this fall with their new solar panel systems.  We also want you to know all of the great reasons fall is the perfect time to go solar. The benefits of solar power during the fall are right alongside with the benefits that came along with this summer.  With colder temperatures, we know our customers will be relying on their heat. So, here are some of the best parts about fall with your newly installed solar panels.

Adjusting Your Temperature:

One of the best ways for you to save money during the fall would be to invest in a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat gives you the ability to choose what temperature you want your home to be and at what time. By raising the temperature within your home, this is an easy way to help save on the amount of energy that is being used to warm or cool your home. Along with this, with programmable thermostats, you can have your home temperature be higher during the times that you are not there, in order to save on even more energy.

Keeping You Warm:

A great part about having solar panels during the cold weather is the ability to use your electronics, without having to worry about your monthly bill going up. So, for those of you who always wanted that beautiful electric fireplace installed, or maybe just purchased, now is your time. You can run your electric fireplace as much as you want, without ever seeing an increase in your electric bill. Your home can be toasty for crisp fall nights, while you watch countless Halloween movies with your family. This gives you more time to do the things your family enjoys rather than constantly stressing about your monthly electric bill.

Total Savings With Solar:

In the end, solar power can allow you to live a life financially free from the fear of your electric bill. Solar saves our customers upwards of 20% on their monthly electric bill. Through all of these savings, our favorite moments are the ones spent with families. Our job is to save you money in order to give you more time with the ones that you love. Exploring your solar options is just a phone call away. Contact us today to get started with your solar panel installation.

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