Vision Solar : Solar vs Farmland

Solar Energy vs. Farmland

Residential solar power is a simple addition to your roof. No need for extra space, and no need to add anything for your solar panel installation. Instead, at Vision Solar we will angle your panels perfectly on your roof in order to ensure the most energy is being collected throughout every day. However, what happens when someone needs more panels than what their home can hold. Or, what happens when someone wants to build a solar farm? Well, the United States continues to add solar farms in order to help power the world on clean, renewable energy. They use the farm land that is available to do this. So, what does this mean for farmland?

A Winning Combination

Farmers have already considered the benefit of solar farms. The ability to host a solar farm gives stability and longevity for their future. Solar and biomass energy can be harvested forever. This means that solar farms are a long term source of income for the farmers.

Job Growth

Solar farms are an excellent way to add jobs to an area. Similar to wind power farms, solar power farms can add up to 80,000 new jobs to an area. This is great for economic growth for your town. Along with this, this solar farm can have the ability to power local businesses, government buildings, and even homes. This has the ability to possibly help your tax amounts. Solar farms are an entire new world for farmers. However, with welcome arms, our local farmers can find new ways of finding an income without suffering the damage that comes from big companies.

What You Can Do With Solar

One of the best benefits that comes with your solar energy is the amount that you save on your monthly electricity bills. The average household in New Jersey can spend upwards of $3,000 annually on just their electric bill. With the addition of solar power to your home, you can save 20% on the monthly electric bill. This all adds up to be a difference of $100 or more on your monthly electric bill. With this, New Jersey continues to raise their prices on electricity. Every year the price per kWh goes up 2%. However, with solar energy, you will not face the increasing costs of electricity. Instead, you will pay the steady rate that is given to you by your solar panel company at the time of signing for your panel installation. This rate is based on the amount of panels you have and the amount of energy you use per month. Rather than overpaying for excess energy, solar costs are based on customization to your home.


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