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How Many People Are Employed With Solar?

COVID-19 has brought on many challenges. One of the largest challenges we had to witness was the loss of peoples jobs. The loss of a job prevents us from our normal lives in every which way possible. However, as COVID numbers begin to decrease, we hope more and more people are able to go back to their normal lives or are looking for a new normal. At Vision Solar, we are always looking to expand our family. With this, how many people are actually employed in the solar industry?

Recently, it was discovered that solar employs more people than coal, gas, and oil companies combined. What this means is that while gas, oil, and coal are becoming less popular, solar is indeed taking their places. This makes it so that jobs are still available for people even though certain forms of electricity are decreasing.

Number of Solar Employees

In 2017, almost 374,000 people were employed by the solar industry. This is comparable to the 2017 report that about 187,000 people were employed by the coal, gas, and oil electricity companies. This number is continuing to grow each and every year as solar becomes more accessible for families within their homes.

The Increase in Solar Employment

Just from 2016 to 2019, the number of solar employees has increased by 44%. This number was also 5 times faster than the job growth in the overall United States economy. Over the past decade, the total increase for the number of solar jobs has increased by more than 147%.

The Spread of Residential Solar:

Residential solar panel systems were not always available in every state. However, as the benefits of solar continue to grow and clean energy is encouraged, more people have access to solar. Solar panel installation is a huge industry for jobs. Solar industries in themselves are great for our growing economy. They not only save us money, but also create more jobs for everyone.

Join Our Vision Solar Team!

The main objective of Vision Solar consists of installing your panels successfully. However, Vision Solar’s customer service goes beyond this. Because you are the most important part of this process, we want to ensure that you are saving money in the end. Your dedication and ability to trust us with your home is appreciated beyond words. From here, we hope that your panels save you the most amount of money possible. We know that times are tough. We have done everything we can to place your panels perfectly so that they collect the maximum amount of sunlight that they possibly can throughout the day. Our experts that work behind the screen have taken satellite images to make ensure this. Our entire solar process from start to finish is something you are always welcome to ask questions about.





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