Ryan Benko

Ryan Benko


As an executive in the solar industry for nearly a decade, Ryan Benko brings with him a passion for cleaner, greener energy. His belief in what we are doing drives him to share his knowledge on how solar energy can help our environment. With a smile on his face and a warm spot in his heart, he does just that when he speaks to our customers who want to know just a bit more about how we can help.

In his role as Executive Vice President for Vision Solar, Ryan is responsible for creating B2B and B2C relationships that will last. He prides himself on being a knowledgeable and reliable source for our customers of all levels. Through this compassionate approach, he has been able to launch Vision Solar into the thriving company it has become today, expanding into 3 major markets and continually growing.

When Ryan isn’t studying his industry or advocating for green energy, you can find him spending time with his family on the beach, kayaking, or doing anything outdoors. After all, the sun doesn’t just create energy for our homes – it creates energy for our bodies, too!

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