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Recycling Solar Panels

Solar panels are not cheap to construct. However, their longevity is the reason that solar panels are so worth every penny. As solar panels become more popular, within the next 25 to 30 years, there are going to be an abundance of solar panels that need to be removed. So, what happens when the solar panels are removed? Where do they go? Well, solar panels are recyclable. When your panels are finally done performing, they can be recycled and here is how.

How Are Solar Panels Recycled?

The material of the solar panels is what allows them to be recyclable after use. Composed of primarily glass, plastic, and aluminum, silicon solar modules can be recycled in mass quantities. In order to recycle each pieces separately, here is the order in which the materials are removed:

  1. Removal of the aluminum frame
  2. Separation of glass
  3. Thermal processing
  4. Etching away of silicon wafers, while smelting them for reusable slabs

This process is always being worked on in order to reuse as much as we possibly can from the panels that are no longer in use. Many foreign countries began installing solar in the 1990’s allowing us to finally be able to recycle them. This not only perfects the recycling process, but also prepares us for our future.

Save Money With Solar

We know that our customers who invest in residential solar power are looking for all of the benefits. The benefits can stretch from simple savings to helping the environment. With peace of mind that in 25 to 30 years your panels will not just be dumped in a field, and rather reused, we hope that you know that solar panels are in this for the long run.

The ultimate goal of your solar panel installation is to save you money. Vision Solar’s expert team of installers is here to ensure the best solar experience. The savings that come with solar are upwards of 20% on your monthly electric bill. Each month, this number truly adds up. By switching to solar, you are also switching to a clean, renewable energy source to power your home. Solar power is the power meant for your family. There are so many opportunities to save money that you now can spend more time with your loved ones. Every second counts. To begin a consultation with a trusted solar company, contact us.

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