Vision Solar : preparing Your Home for Cold Weather

Preparing Your Home for Colder Weather

Solar panels have many benefits for homeowners.  Some homeowners seem to believe that solar panels are really only beneficial during the summer time. There is no doubt that your solar panel system is extremely productive and beneficial during the summer time. However, solar panels are just as beneficial during the cold months of the year also, not to mention all of the expensive holidays that come with the fall and winter. So at Vision Solar, we want you to know what benefits come with your solar panels and this fall and winter.

Staying Warm With Solar:

Electric fireplaces have been the newest and easiest addition to many of our customers’ homes. They not only represent the beauty of a real fireplace, but they are also much easier to manage and much cheaper to run when there are solar panels on your roof. With your solar panels, your monthly payment will always be consistent. There will be no fluctuations, no matter how much you are running that electric fireplace you just added into your home. Because of this, our customers find themselves running their electric fireplaces more than their heat sometimes. There is no need to worry about staying warm during the winter months when you have such a powerful source of heat within our home.

Saving Money:

One of the best parts of the winter months are the holidays that come along with them. There is always so much more happiness in the world, which we could all use a little more of this year. So, to spread your holiday cheer you may want to decorate your home, but are afraid of the cost of those bright colored lights. Well, with your residential solar power, there is no reason to worry about that electric bill. Similar to the electric fireplace, no matter how long you leave those lights on, your monthly electric bill will always be the same. On top of this, you will be saving upwards of 20% on your monthly electric bill. This year has been tough. The extra savings that you have earned with your solar panels will be the prefect way for you to be able to afford these expensive holidays. At Vision Solar, we want you to enjoy the holidays knowing that you can trust us with your home.


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