Operation Turkey

Operation Turkey (501c3) works with volunteers to provide the homeless population with a warm Thanksgiving meal each year. People are important. The partnership Vision Solar has with Operation Turkey creates the space for gratitude and the importance of family. We understand the value of every single person, and with that we take time to recognize that not everyone has the luxury of enjoying a warm meal in the name of thankfulness. Vision Solar ensures that we respect and care for people regardless of their circumstance or position in life. We want to work to build people up and encourage them to keep moving forward. Sometimes the first step to that is something as simple as a warm meal.

Toys For Tots

Marine’s Toys for Tots (501c3) program works to provide economically disadvantaged families with toys for their children during the holiday season. One of Vision Solar’s core values is that We are Family. We understand that the word Family is inclusive of everyone, from great grandparent to child. We value and respect that. We hope to be able to provide hope to struggling families by relieving pressure from the parental/guardian perspective and joy to the children who deserve to just be children. The multi-generational Toys for Tots program also provides Vision Solar the opportunity to practice humility, gratitude, philanthropy and respect.