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Our Easy Way to Refer a Friend to Vision Solar

Vision Solar is dedicated to their complete customer-service model. This service model allows us to make sure we are listening to every single one of our customers’ concerns in order to educate them on the benefits of solar power. Educating our customers is one of the best ways for them to understand why solar is such a good investment. In the end, we want you to save as much money as you possibly can with your solar panel system. However, your savings do not end here. I am sure you want to help your friends and loved ones save money too. Well, with our simple referral system, this can all be possible, while putting a little extra cash into your pocket.

After Solar Panel Installation

We know there is a lot of excitement that comes with the finishing of your solar panel installation. The sooner you refer a friend the better. With all of the incentives not being guaranteed to stay, we urge our customers to spread the word while they still can about th awesome benefits of solar power. Following your installation there are a few items of information that you should have ready to spread to others.

  1. Your electric bill before and after your solar panels
  2. Our 24-hour installation policy
  3. The savings you can earn over a 20-year period
  4. The referral bonus they can earn by spreading the word

These small notes can help whoever you are referring understand why switching to solar is such a great choice.

After Your Referral

Following your referral we recommend two important things to do afterwards. The first is to tell the person who you referred to write your name and phone number down. They will use this information to tell their sales rep who referred them to our professional services. The second thing to do is to contact your sales rep or our concierge and let us know who you referred. This allows us to ensure that you receive your amazing $500 referral bonus. There is no limit to how many people you can refer. We want to spread the word on solar power. Sometimes, this means letting our customers get involved too. The benefits of solar can save you enough money to put towards a new project in your home. In the end, we hope you find satisfaction in being able to spread such a wonderful cause to the people you care about most.


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