Vision Solar : Our 24-Hour Monitoring System Cover

Our 24-Hour Monitoring System

When considering solar there are so many questions that our customers are worried about. However, our job at Vision Solar is to ensure that your curiosity is put at ease. We have considered all of these questions when mapping out our transparent solar process.  The amount of panels that your home needs can be answered through our process of getting your panels on your roof. After understanding the process, you can easily see that there is not one set number of panels for each house. Instead, each home is unique, and we treat each home with the uniqueness that it rightfully deserves.

Initial Assessment:

Prior to any installation, we always make sure to assess your current roofing. If the current roofing is in good condition, then we will be able to choose the correct panels for your roof. The correct number of panels has a lot of consideration in this process depending on how much energy you need to power your home. Your panel selection depends on your roof’s size, location, and also your budget. Vision Solar offers monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and thin film solar panels. Each of these solar panels offer a specific benefit for your home.

Design of Your System:

After determining which panel is perfect for your home, we then take this to our office and begin the designing of your system. To prevent any last minute changes, we make sure everything is checked and finalized correctly. Our employees use their incredible skills to look at the satellite image of your home and create a customized layout plan for your solar power system. The exact measurements and imaging allows for fewer errors and an agreement of the amount of panels that will not be changed later. The accuracy of this design saves you time and money.

Finishing Touches:

After installation we make sure to have everything inspected about both your roof and also our installation. This allows you to know everything is safe and up to code. Your solar panels can benefit your roof underneath by extending the roof’s lifetime. The amount of panels that you have on your roof will help cover almost everything underneath to protect your shingles for longer. Having a solar panel company you can trust with your home is of utter importance to us. The correct number of panels allows you to save as much money as possible, while also being able to power every inch of your home with no worry at all.

24/7 Monitoring:

Vision Solar is constantly keeping an eye on your panels. Even after installation, we are able to track the amount of energy each and every one of your panels is producing. If somehow one of your panels becomes damaged or is not performing properly, we are notified. This then results in us notifying you and making sure that your panel is fixed.


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