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New Solar Technologies to Come

Every year solar power is advancing. At Vision Solar, we are always searching for new sources of solar technology to help benefit your solar experience. For 2020, there are many different solar technologies that are being created in order to provide more solar to areas never before expected. New technologies gives more, easier access to solar power.

Solar Skin

Two engineers at MIT are currently creating an invention that will help please those who do not approve of the look of a classic solar panel. We know that the look of panels is not always super appealing. These two engineers put their heads together to create a customizable solar panel. Homeowners will now be able to choose patterns or the look of their roof for their panels. This simple “solar skin” can help to make the panel much more appealing, or even to blend in with our customer’s roofs.

Solar Fabric

A solar fabric may sound absolutely absurd. However, it comes more in handy than it may seem to. The solar fabric consists of a cotton yarn, supercapacitor, and solar cell.  The solar fabric is being created as an easy way to create power and energy for our everyday items. For example, The ability to charge a phone while also keeping warm is a small positive that comes with a solar fabric.

Portable Solar

Portable solar allows for consumers to be able to have access to solar power no matter where you go. These devices can come in handy for camping or many other recreational activities. By being able to harvest the benefits of solar in a portable form, you will never have to worry about “running out of power”, because the power is held within the sun.

Better and Cheaper Sources For Solar

All of these technologies are devices that we are absolutely going to keep our eye on at Vision Solar.  We want to make sure we are using the most up-to-date and reliable technology that is available. This allows our customers to save the most amount of money that they possibly can. Putting our customers first means constantly being on the lookout for something to make their solar experience better. Our better and cheaper sources for solar can create a much cleaner future for the world around us. To begin your solar panel installation and stay up-to-date on new technologies contact us.




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