Vision Solar : New Jersey Beaches Go Solar

New Jersey Beaches Go Solar

Residents of New Jersey, we know you love your beaches. Sometimes they are the main reason why you continue to live in New Jersey. There is nothing that can compare to a summer in New Jersey on the beach or boardwalk. At Vision Solar, we know this. We also know that summer can be extremely expensive down the shore. For businesses that only open during 4 months out o the year, sometimes they are constantly struggling to make ends meet. However, with a desire to have clean energy, while also saving money, here are some of the top beaches that have taken advantage of solar power.

Wildwood’s Solar System:

Known for their amazing boardwalk, Wildwood has been able to reap the benefits of solar for the past two years. Morey’s Piers installed an enormous solar panel system in order to produce more than 410,000 kilowatts per year. Their overall savings come to $53,000 a year in energy savings. Not only this, but Morey’s is dedicated to a cleaner planet. With their installation, they took the time to calculate that their solar energy will reduce CO2 emissions by 337 tons. This is equivalent to planting more than 126,000 trees. The solar panel system is spread out throughout the roofs of their warehouses and maintenance buildings for the boardwalk. This was a simple way for them to take up no extra space and for them to take advantage of what they already have. Their ability to show that the boardwalk can be powered with solar is a great way to show other vacation spots that they can do the same!

Why You and Other Beaches Will Go Solar

While many people begin to realize the huge benefits of solar, there are so many reasons as to why you should too. The savings that come with your solar panels are upwards of 20% off your monthly electric bill . Not only this, but there are a number of solar tax incentives that are still in place for you to earn money back during tax time. Those sunny summer days down the Jersey Shore are the exact reason why more people are continuing to install solar on their beach homes. Solar is a simple way to save money during those expensive summer months. So, before our next summer comes around contact us today to get started on your solar panel installation.








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