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With Vision Solar’s quick expansion, we are always looking for more people to join our Vision Solar family. We believe in creating an environment that each and every one of our employees enjoys coming to every day. If you believe that you or a friend are interested in joining our team we encourage you to send in an application. By reading some of our values, we hope that you are able to make the decision to try to join our family or not.

Our Core Values:

Our Vision Solar objective is based on our seven core values:

  1. Customers are most important.
  2. We are prosperous.
  3. We leave it better than we found it.
  4. We are family.
  5. To give and to grow.
  6. We are accountable.
  7. No Excuses. Play like a champion.

We developed our logo with 7 paths, each representing one guiding principle that completes our full circle of culture.

Final Objective:

These core values lead us to our ultimate path of helping our customers. By keeping them in mind in everything we do, we are ensuring that your solar panel installation experience is unlike any other. Our objective is to make sure that you are having the best quality of  professionals install your solar residential solar panels. Each one of our team members plays a valuable role in your installation process.

Saving Our Customers Money With Solar:

The final objective does indeed consist of installing your panels successfully. However, Vision Solar’s customer service goes beyond this. Because you are the most important part of this process, we want to ensure that you are saving money in the end. Your dedication and ability to trust us with your home is appreciated beyond words. From here, we hope that your panels save you the most amount of money possible. We know that times are tough. We have done everything we can to place your panels perfectly so that they collect the maximum amount of sunlight that they possibly can throughout the day. Our experts that work behind the screen have taken satellite images to make ensure this. Our entire process from start to finish is something you are always welcome to ask questions about.


Contact us today to send in a resume and apply for an open position.


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