John Czelusniak, MBA


John Czelusniak has recently joined our Vision Solar team as the VP of Marketing. Since graduating from graduate school in 2010, he has worked in the capacity of leading top-level executives with corporate marketing strategies and represented a diverse portfolio of past clients in various industries, including disruptive tech, like: FinTech, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Digital Transformation, Automation, Blockchain, and Business Intelligence (Predictive Analytics) in the Aviation/Avionics, TeleHealthcare, Financial, Luxury Hospitality/Leisure/Travel and Renewable Energy.

Prior to joining Vision Solar, He served as a CMO advisor for business owners for over 15 years. As a business advisor, John also was part of the Data Privacy & Cybersecurity team at MDO Partners and served as the Compliance Advisor in Data and Discovery Strategies in Cybersecurity, and led corporate strategies for small to mid-cap companies. He also played a critical role in advising our clients on how they can take proactive measures in protecting their business functions, critical assets, and latest disruptive technology adoptions.

Czelusniak is very involved in the MarTech community in South Florida and abroad, constantly expanding his knowledge of the field. He has also served as the CMO for many start-ups in the areas of disruptive technologies such as AI, BI, Blockchain, FinTech, InsurTech, and VR – and has raised capital for both start-ups and mid-cap companies.