Vision Solar : Is My Roof Fit For Solar

Is My Roof Fit For Solar?

When deciding whether or not to switch to solar, a common question our customers have are whether or not their roof is fit for solar. This question is dependent on many factors. At Vision Solar, we make sure to consider all aspects of your roof before going through with installation. Our expert installers analyze every inch in order to make the final decision to create the best savings and best choice for your home. When determining if your roof is fit for solar, we want to make sure you are more than comfortable with your investment in solar.

Condition of Your Roof:

The condition of your roof is always our first priority. There is no doubt that solar installation can be more beneficial on a newer roof. Because of this, if you have recently replaced your roof, switching to solar is a great idea for your next investment. However, if your roof is older, this does not mean that your roof is fit for solar. Our experts will make sure to take proper precautions and inspections to make sure that your roof is up to the job to hold your solar panels.

Material of Your Roof:

The material of your roof can change the determination if your roof is fit for solar. The different types of roofs and installations that we encounter are as follows:

  • Standing seam roofs: A mounting system can be attached to the seam of your roof with clamps, avoiding the need for holes and speeding up the installation process.
  • Metal tile rooves:If your roof uses metal tiles that give the appearance of shingles, the installer can replace some of them with mounting shingles where solar panels can be attached. This nifty solution maintains the protection that shingles provide from moisture and the elements.
  • Corrugated metal rooves:Roofs with this construction will probably necessitate drilling holes. Mounting equipment is installed in the holes, and the solar panels are placed on top as would be done on an asphalt roof.

All of these materials can have very different shapes. However, prior to installation we will take into consideration the shape and also the material.

Benefits Of Our Process:

The benefits of our entire process are countless. Our entire process is unlike any other. Prior to installation we use our advanced technology to look at satellite images to map out exactly how many panels your home will need. This ensures we can fit the necessary amount of panels and also we can map how to place the panels to receive optimum sunlight. Following our installation we have the roof and panels inspected to make sure everything is up to code and safe for our customers. Our total process puts our customers first.


To get started on your trusted solar panel installation and to see if your roof is fit Contact Us. We will ensure your roof is fit an your savings are endless with your solar energy.

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