Vision Solar : How Your Home Value Increases With Solar

How Your Home Value Increases With Solar Power

Moving and house hunting can be extremely stressful. At Vision Solar, we want to make sure that you know everything about buying and selling a home with solar power. More specifically, we want you to know there are indeed benefits that come with installing a solar system on the home that you are trying to sell. A common myth about installing solar power on your home is that it will decrease your home value. Instead, you solar panel system will increase your home value, and here is how.

The Amount of Increase:

Depending on the size of your system, the value of your home can go up a significant amount with your installation. The average home can go up in value by 4.1%, which on average converts to about $10,000. However, for a larger solar panel system, a 5kW installation, the value of your home can go up in value up to $29,000.

Desire For Solar Panels:

As we continue to create more technological advances, more and more people are looking into buying a home with pre-existing panels. With this higher demand for panels, the prices of homes with panels naturally increases because of the high demand. Not only this, but when your home has panels, your home value may be increasing, but your future buyers are saving an equivalent amount on their electric bill that they are on extra money for the panels. The high demand for solar panels has been shown to see homes with solar at least 20% faster than a home without solar panels.

Reasons to Install Solar:

When selling your home, your home may not be in perfect condition, and that is okay. To help balance out the costs of any improvements that need to be done, your buyers can save their money through the use of the solar panels. The money that they save with the solar panels will allow them to put all of the extra money towards these improvements on their new home. This is a great way to make your home more marketable than your competition. With this, the speed in which your home will sell is a great difference, allowing you to move out into your own new space quicker than what you would without your panels.


Selling your home should be an exciting time. At Vision Solar, we want to make sure it stays this way. Your solar panel installation in Florida will make your home more marketable and your selling experience that much easier. To get started on your installation service Contact Us.

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