Vision Solar : How You Can Help The Environment From Your Home

How You Can Help The Environment From Your Home

During these uncertain times at Vision Solar we know that everyone is working hard to get back to their normal routines the best that we can. We know that quarantining and working from home can make this experience more difficult than normal. As we have watched all of the updates, one thing is for certain. The environment has benefitted from COVID-19. There are small ways that you can do your part to help contribute to this help and growth even more. From the comfort of your home, we have provided a few tips to follow to help the improve the  environment.


When we start to sit at home for hours on end we begin to see all of the appliances and items that we are not using within our home. We have more time to pay attention to small details like this. However, as small details as they are, they make a huge impact on our environment. To decrease our energy usage and carbon footprint, a simple adjustment we can make is to just unplug the items that we are not using in our homes.

Use Your Windows:

Summers can be brutal in terms of heat. However, on those nice summer days with cooler breezes we should really try to take advantage of this air. Rather than spending money to run the air conditioning unit, we can save our money and save energy by simply opening the windows in our home. The fresh air not only helps to filter the air in your home but also has a huge impact on your environmental footprint. The windows can be used through any time of year that you feel the temperature is perfect for your home and your wallet.

Solar Energy:

One of the best ways to help the environment from home is through your investment in solar power. Solar panels collect and generate energy from the sun, a natural, renewable resource. By using less of the other energy producing options, we are releasing less carbon emissions into the air. Helping the environment with solar power also has a much larger impact on your life. Your investment in solar power will save you money on your monthly electric bill. Our customers have been able to save upwards of 20% on their monthly electric bill. One of the best benefits to saving the earth is the ability to save money.


To start saving money and saving the environment right from your home contact us for your residential solar power installation.

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