Vision Solar : How to Repair or Replace MY Roof With Solar Panels

How to Repair or Replace My Roof With Solar Panels

While having solar panels installed on your roof delivers many benefits, some homeowners may have concerns before committing. A common reason for hesitation is the condition of their roof, as well as the ability to repair or replace it after solar panels have been installed. Fortunately, this is nothing to worry about, as roof replacement is still possible with a solar panel system installed. Here, Vision Solar takes a closer look at how solar roof replacement can be done.

Surveying Your Roof

Since solar panel systems can last for decades, you should take stock of the condition of your roof before installation starts. If you think that your roof will need some repairs or a total replacement soon, then it may be better to have that completed before the solar panels are added. Typical indicators of a damaged roof include:

  • Holes or leaks: A good way to check to see if there are holes in your roof is to head up to your attic and look for beams of light shining through. Also check for stains or streaks on the ceiling and walls, as that indicates that moisture is seeping inside.
  • Deformed shingles:Shingles are meant to lie flat on your roof. If you notice that a lot of your shingles are curled upwards, cracked, or buckled, then they will not be as effective. If shingles are deteriorating, the granules may also fall and collect in the gutters at the edge of the roof.
  • Sagging areas: A serious sign that you need a roof replacement is sagging in your roof. Usually, this is caused by trapped moisture that rots the structure underneath, causing the roof to cave in.

If you notice any of these signs, address your roof’s damage right away. This will not only save you from larger headaches in the long run, but it will also ensure you have the sturdiest surface possible for your valuable solar panel system.

Removing Solar Panels

If you have already installed solar panels but have issues with your roof that need to be addressed soon, making repairs is still possible. The professionals at Vision Solar can remove your solar panels before your roofing work begins so you can get back to enjoying your solar power in a timely manner. For more complex roofing projects, such as a full replacement, mounting hardware for the panels will also have to be removed.

Reinstalling Your Solar System

One the necessary repairs or replacements have been made to your roof, Vision Solar will reinstall your solar panels and hardware. We’ll do so in the most optimal positions on your roof, ensuring not to interfere with the results of the work that was done.

If you’re repairing your roof before installing a solar system, keep this in mind. Having solar panels installed on the roof may actually extend its lifespan. Panels are made from durable materials that shield a large portion of most roofs, helping to protect against harsh weather and other types of exposure. Don’t hesitate to make needed repairs to your roof before having solar panels installed. That way, you can enjoy your system without having to temporarily remove it only a couple of years down the road.

Don’t Let Solar Panels Stop Your Repairs

If you have a solar panel system on your roof, it doesn’t mean you can’t have repairs or a replacement done. At Vision Solar, we’re able to work alongside roofing companies to safely remove and reinstall your solar panels should you need to have work completed on your roof. To learn more information about solar roof replacement or our solar installation process, contact us today.

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