Vision Solar : How to Read Your Solar Meter

How to Read Your Solar Panel Meter

Reading your solar panel meter can feel like an absolute breeze once you learn the steps to doing so. There are multiple types of meters. However, using these steps can assist you in reading any of your meters that have been installed to your home. The first step in reading your meter is locating your meter. Your meter should be located in the back r in the front of your home. If you are having trouble finding your meter, feel free to contact us.

Display Screens

After determining where your meter is, it is important to realize that your meter has multiple display screens. The displays screens are as follows:

  1. Time of recorded electricity used
  2. Date when electricity used is recorded
  3. Net amount of kWh imported
  4. Amount of energy you have generated
  5. Amount of kWh imported Phase A
  6. Controlled load of kWh Imported Phase C
  7. Exported kWh Phase B

Importance of These Screens:

The importance of these screens allows you to be able to track your energy usage. By tracking your energy usage, you then can take this into consideration in order to cut your energy usage. By cutting your energy usage you then can provide more energy for the grid. The more energy you can sell back to the grid, the more money you can make from the amount of energy your panels are producing.

Ways to Save Money and Save Energy Usage:

Your solar panel installation is a great way to save money.  Simple ways for you to save money is through your appliances. By switching to smart appliances, your appliances will be more efficient with their energy usage. Along with this, by using more cold water, rather than hot, you can easily save on your energy usage. Using more cold water for your dishwasher, ad laundry allows your appliances to be just as efficient while saving on the energy usage. By simply altering the amount of energy that you are using, you are naturally saving money. The energy can be sold back to the grid. This credit that you receive can go towards your monthly payment for your solar panels.


At Vision Solar, we know that money can be tight. We want to do everything we can to make sure you are getting as much in savings that you possibly can. By ensuring you know how to understand the amount of energy you are producing with your panels, we hope that you are able to earn more in savings with solar.

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