Vision Solar : How Much Power Does One Panel Generate

How Much Power Does One Panel Generate?

Prior to your installation, at Vision Solar, we have mapped out exactly how many panels your home will need to ensure optimal savings. We have calculated how your panels will be positioned and how much energy all of the panels will generate. We know this can be very confusing. Because of this, we are going to breakdown the amount of energy that one solar panel can generate in order to help you better understand your entire solar panel system.

How Solar Power Works:

It only takes about 8.5 minutes for the sun’s photons, particles that carry energy, to travel 93 million miles to Earth. When those photons reach our solar panels, the energy is converted into usable electricity that powers more homes and businesses every year.

Amount of Watts Produced:

The amount of watts produced on your entire  solar panel system is dependent on how many panels your roof has. However, in order to calculate the amount of watts that are produced, it can be helpful to differentiate the different types of panels for your roof. Your two different panels include:

  1. Monocrystalline:
    1. Most efficient
    2. Most advanced technology
    3. Higher price
  2. Polycrystalline:
    1. Less Efficient
    2. Lower Price
    3. Newer Technology

The average amount of panels that are required for the average home is around 30 panels. Not only this, but the size of your panels matter. With 30 panels being sized at 65 inches by 39 inches, the average solar panel system can generate up to $9,600 watts. This translates to one panel generating about 320 watts.

What This Powers:

The watts that have been produced by your panels is a significant amount. Just one panel that generates 320 watts is enough energy to power more than 5, 60-watt light bulbs. The more efficient your panels are, the more energy they are able to generate for your home.

Savings With Solar:

When planning for your solar panel installation, we know that the savings you are going to make are of utmost importance. Your savings from solar can add up to be upwards of 20% off your electric bill. Over the course of your 25 year lease with your panels, you could save more than $20,000.


If you’re ready to learn more, contact Vision Solar today. We’ll provide a free quote and schedule a comprehensive assessment to help begin the process, so you can take advantage of clean, green energy from the sun.



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