Vision Solar : How Much Does The Average System Cost in New Jersey

How Much Does the Average System Cost in New Jersey?

Your switch to solar can be a very expensive endeavor. At Vision Solar, we want to make sure you are getting the most for your money in every single way possible. Solar panel installation costs in new Jersey have continued to decrease every year. Governor Murphy has made solar power more accessible by putting in place more incentives for your switch to solar. The installation cost of your solar panel system can vary by the size of your system. We are going to break this down for you:

Average Cost By Size:

System Size Cash Purchase Finance Purchase
3kw $6,460 $6,977
4kw $8,495 $9,175
5kw $10,434 $11,269
6kw $12, 343 $13,331
7kw $14,141 $15,273
8kw $15,925 $17,199
9kw $17,582 $18,989
10kw 19,240 $20,779

Offsetting Your Cost:

In order to help with the costs of your system, there are multiple incentives to help you along the way. One of the best incentives currently in place is the tax credit. The tax credit can earn you 26% of the installation cost back during tax time. At Vision Solar, we will make sure you know all of the steps to earn this tax credit when you go to file your taxes. Not only this, but your panels can generate excess energy that you may not use. With this excess energy you can sell it back to the grid in order to cover your monthly bill. This is known as net metering. Click here to learn more about net metering.

Your Savings With Solar:

The cost of your solar panels may look like a lot. However, your savings over time can truly make a huge difference in your everyday lives. Your monthly electric bill can decrease by up to 20% every month. On top of this, over your 20 year lease, you can save up to $20,000.


Making your switch to solar is an easy way to save you money over the next 20 years. With the simple help from us, we can take you through this process, in hopes that you will enjoy this process as much as possible. We will provide a completely reinvented solar experience. The final result: you saving money.




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