Vision Solar : How Many Hours of Sunlight Do Solar Panels Need

How Many Hours of Sunlight do Solar Panels Need?

At Vision Solar, we receive a broad range of questions from our customers. Your solar panels can be complicated to understand at first. You already always know that your solar panels are generating energy from the sunlight. So, how many hours of sunlight do your panels need? This question can be simple to answer if you want it to be. However, to know the specifics of this answer we need to dive into the small details.

24 Hours of Sunlight

The easiest answer to this question is that your panels could survive the best on a full 24 hours of sunlight. Yes, we know this is impossible. However, in a 100 percent ideal situation, your panels would collect 24 hours of sunlight all day and every day. Your panels would be working at their max capacity and collecting the most sunlight this way. The world is not this ideal. Using this information, we are able to figure out the most amount of sunlight that can realistically be collected.

When The Sun Is Out

Your panels have been perfectly placed on your roof to make sure that they are collecting the most amount of sunlight during the day that they can. The angle, size, and positioning of your panels has all been taken into account for your installation process. Your solar panel installation begins with our experts looking at satellite images of your roof and mapping out your panels. This is the process of designing your solar system.

Design of Your System

After determining which panel is perfect for your home, we then take this to our office and begin the designing of your system. To prevent any last minute changes, we make sure everything is checked and finalized correctly. Our employees use their incredible skills to look at the satellite image of your home and create a customized layout plan for your solar power system. The exact measurements and imaging allows for fewer errors and an agreement of the amount of panels that will not be changed later. The accuracy of this design saves you time and money.

Trusted Installers

At Vision Solar, we know that you are trusting us with your home. We do everything to be transparent for our customers during the installation process. Your solar panel installation process can be stressful. However, we want you to know that your panels will collect the most amount of energy that they can because we have taken the time to map out every detail. To work hand in hand with us on your installation process contact us.

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