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Home Solar 101

Are you thinking about installing solar panels on your home, but do not even know where to start? Well, do not stress, we promise you are not alone. At Vision Solar, we assist customers who are scared, excited, stressed, and often unsure. This roller coaster of emotions is perfectly normal. Your home is more than likely one of the most important things in your life, and we understand that. So, to help all of our customers, we want you to understand the basic knowledge of solar panels in order to help with your emotions.

How Your Panels Work

Understanding how your panels work is one of the first steps in the solar process. During sunny days your solar panels are working at their best capacity.  It only takes about 8.5 minutes for the sun’s photons, particles that carry energy, to travel 93 million miles to Earth. When those photons reach our solar panels, the energy is converted into usable electricity that powers more homes every year. The average home uses about 30 kWh per day. The average home will produce about 45kWh with their solar panels per day. This energy is the energy that will be used throughout the entire day and onward. Because the panels are collecting more energy than what is being used, this helps you to save money. Any energy that is not used will then be credited at the end of the month. This gives you more of a reason to try to not use as much energy throughout the day.

How to Pay For Your Panels

When installing your solar panels, you may be wondering how on earth you are going to pay for them. This is where we step in and see which option is the best for you. With solar panels, there are three different ways of payment:

  1. Solar Lease
  2. Solar Loan
  3. Buying Outright

These three options are all very different. The most common form of payment is a solar lease. This is great for those who do not have the immediate money to pay for their entire system and would rather simply have the panels for a certain period of time. For those who do have the money, buying your panels outright will absolutely save you the most money because you will own all of the power you are producing. The last and final option is a solar loan. The solar loan is great for those who wish to completely own their panels, but do not have a lump sum of money to pay for them. Instead, you will pay them off over a fixed loan time period. When determining the best form of payment for your panels, we will make sure to consider your unique financial situation in order to better serve you.


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