Going Solar as A Vision Solar Employee

Going Solar As a Vision Solar Employee

Vision Solar is always looking for new people to join our team. One of the best benefits of becoming a Vision Solar is not only the family atmosphere, but also the easy access to savings just like some of our customers. Becoming a Vision Solar employee, and switching to solar in your home, could be one of the best decisions for our future.

Our Core Values:

Our Vision Solar objective is based on our seven core values:

  1. Customers are most important.
  2. We are prosperous.
  3. We leave it better than we found it.
  4. We are family.
  5. To give and to grow.
  6. We are accountable.
  7. No Excuses. Play like a champion.

We developed our logo with 7 paths, each representing one guiding principle that completes our full circle of culture.

Final Objective:

These core values lead us to our ultimate path of helping our customers. By keeping them in mind in everything we do, we are ensuring that your solar panel installation experience is unlike any other. Our objective is to make sure that you are having the best quality of  professionals install your solar residential solar panels. Each one of our team members plays a valuable role in your installation process.


The savings that come from solar power are one of the major benefits that consumers recognize immediately. The average homeowner spends about $112 on their electricity per month. This is dependent on how much they are being charged per kWh from their electric company. However, with solar power, your new bills will now be based on a fixed flat rate. Your rate will be based on the amount of panels that you need to power your home and also the new rate for your electricity. Not only this, but your new electricity never goes unused or wasted. With net metering in place, the electricity that you produce during the day may be more than what you are using. Your panels then use this electricity to power your home throughout the night when the sun is not out. By using the extra energy that is generated throughout the day, your panels are essentially paying for themselves. On top of this, any excess energy that is produced that you do not use throughout the month will then be used as a credit for your bill. The average home will save upwards of 20% on their electricity bill each month. Your savings will create extra money that you can use on that vacation you have been planning since the beginning of COVID.

Referral Program:

Following your referral we recommend two important things to do afterwards. The first is to tell the person who you referred to write your name and phone number down. They will use this information to tell their sales rep who referred them to our professional services. The second thing to do is to contact your sales rep or our concierge and let us know who you referred. This allows us to ensure that you receive your amazing $500 referral bonus. There is no limit to how many people you can refer. We want to spread the word on solar power. Sometimes, this means letting our customers get involved too. The benefits of solar can save you enough money to put towards a new project in your home. In the end, we hope you find satisfaction in being able to spread such a wonderful cause to the people you care about most.


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