Solar Panels In Florida

Florida’s Variety of Energy Sources

Florida is fueled on people. Whether this is all-year-round residents, or tourists, there are always people in Florida. For all of these people, there needs to be  a consistent source of power. The different energy sources within the state have the ability to harm the natural beauty, or to help the residents pockets. By learning these different energy sources, our residents can determine which form of energy they want for their home.

Natural Gas:

Florida has very little natural gas production. The natural gas productions sites also produce crude oil. Ever since the 1970’s, Florida’s natural gas production was steadily decreasing until 2010. In 2010, the natural gas production and usage had an increase. However, the natural gas usage for energy is still less than on-third of what is was in the 1970s. Because other states are looking for more natural gas options, there is a continuous hunt for a new pipeline off of the Gulf Coast. However, environmentalists believe this is a huge harm to our surrounding environment. Natural gas is not the main source of energy and not the cleanest source.


Florida’s crude oil generation makes up less than 0.1% of the nation’s crude oil production. Similar to natural gas, the hunt for more oil in the Gulf of Mexico continues. The main purpose of the crude oil produced in Florida is for transportation and port services. Less than 1% of households still use petroleum for heating purposes. As the push towards clean energy continues, crude oil usage and production hopefully continues to decrease for a cleaner home.


There are no coal reserves or productions within Florida. Most of the coal-fired electricity generators have been replaced by natural-gas generators. Coal is becoming less and less desirable because of the amount of greenhouse emissions that are released into the air.

Renewable Energy:

Renewable energy is continuing to increase within Florida. In 2018, renewable energy made up about 3% of the energy within Florida. This energy source was primarily solar energy. Florida, being the sunshine state, provides more than enough sunlight for solar panels. Not only so solar panels offer a cleaner energy source, but they also offer our residents a chance to save money on their monthly electric bill. The savings that come with solar are a great incentive for homeowners. Solar energy will continue to increase as the need for cleaner energy increases.


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