Vision Solar :Do Extreme Temperatures Affect My Solar Panels

Do Extreme Temperatures Effect My Panels?

Welcome to New Jersey where the first week of spring could be 10 degrees Fahrenheit or 90 degrees. The weather extremes in New Jersey are always astounding, even as an existing resident. When installing a solar panel system to your home this may be an alarming idea. Could these extreme temperature effect your panels? Well, at Vision Solar we are very aware and adapted to these extreme weathers in New Jersey. Our corporate office resides in Blackwood, New Jersey, giving us a great idea of how hot and how cold the state can get every year. With our knowledge and experience we will provide you with as much information to ease your worries as we possibly can.

Extreme Heat:

Your solar panels perform best when in direct sunlight. Prior to installation, our team at Vision Solar will ensure that your panels are positioned and directed towards collecting the most sunlight that they can.  However, in direct sunlight your panels will be experiencing some extreme heat. This week alone the temperatures were upwards of 100 degrees. Your panels’ performances are tested at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. What this means is that their most efficient temperature is at this temperature. However, even in extreme heat, we make sure your panels do not experience as much heat by ensuring enough airflow beneath them. With just enough space between your panels and your roof, enough airflow can go beneath your solar panels to ensure that they are not overheating and efficiency is still high. Because of this method, you should not be worried about extreme heat. Instead, when the sun is shining directly on your panels you can have the satisfaction that you are saving the optimum amount of money.

Extreme Cold:

Shortly after our small little state has suffocated in extreme humidity and heat, we are hit with the extremely cold temperatures. In the winter, our temperatures have dropped to 2 degrees Fahrenheit. As surprising as it may seem, your panels work more efficiently in cold weather. The cold weather allows for your panels to perform closer to their standard testing condition (77 degrees).  However, they may not produce more electricity because of the lack of sunlight in the winter time. Because of this, the productivity of your panels balances out between seasons.


Knowing your panels have been installed correctly to optimize the sun’s power makes your life easier. We know that Vision Solar can be your trusted installers in order to help you save money. Contact us for a reliable installation team.

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