Vision Solar : The Cost of Your Electric Car

Cost of Your Electric Car

The newest technologies that are changing our everyday lives are electric cars. Recently, they have become much more accessible and affordable to the public. This new availability has created a huge increase in the amount of electric cars on the road. Because of this, we want to make sure our customers are up-to-date on the costs and options for their electric cars. With proper care and knowledge, you can save a lot of money with the investment in an electric car.

Hybrid Cars

The most abundant electric in 2020 car seems to be the hybrid. The hybrid allows you to possess the power to save money, but also have the option to still fill up on gas if it is needed. On average, these cars can range in price between $23,000 and $35,000. This car eliminates the amount of carbon emissions that are released with a normal gasoline powered car. The average hybrid vehicle gets about 52 miles per gallon. This is comparable to the average gasoline powered vehicle that will get 24.7 miles per gallon. This is more than double the distance without needing to increase your weekly gas bill.

Fully Electric Cars

Out of all of the electric car options, the full electric battery is the most environmentally friendly and also financially beneficial. Compared to the price of a hybrid vehicle, the all-electric car is more expensive. However, with the consideration of less gas needed, you are saving more with the electric car. The electric car can be anywhere between $36,000 and $55,600. There are no fossil fuels involved and their power relies only on the battery. The average miles per charge is between 80 miles and up to 250 miles. Because of this, you will be optimizing every benefit of your solar power through not having to spend the amount on your electricity that you would without your solar panels. Solar panels can save you up to $1,600 a year.  This amount does not include the amount of money you are saving on gas.

Your Electric Car With Solar Panels

With your solar panel installation in New Jersey, you can now save money on your utilities, and your gas bill. Switching to solar before the purchase of your electric car is the perfect way to save up for all the things you always wanted to splurge on but never could. The average commute time for residents in New Jersey is 60 minutes or longer. Every single minute that you do not have an electric car, you are spending $20 more per week on the gas you are purchasing. This commute time is well above the national average, giving you the perfect reason to invest in a car that is a perfect addition to your solar panels. This allows your panels to do their job and save you even more money than you had planned. To get started on your residential solar panel installation please visit our Contact Page.

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