Vision Solar : Solar on Large Transportation

Can Solar Power Be Used for Large Transportation?

Solar powered cars have been discussed and planned. However, what about larger forms of transportation? Larger forms of transportations such as buses,  trucks or even aircrafts should be able to have the same opportunity to be powered by solar. With a lot of work, we can expand our technology and make this possible. At Vision Solar, we are always staying up-to-date on the newest solar technologies. Here are some of the possible newest solar technologies in big transportation.

1. Solar Boat

Imagine, sitting on your boat soaking up the sun. Well, while you are enjoying the sun, so is your boat, and more importantly your pocket. Your boat is powered solely on the sun. You no longer need to spend endless hours and dollars filling up your bottomless tank. Along with this, your boat does not need to be charged. Your boat is always ready to go and always has a sleep modern look with built in solar panels. Solar panels on boats even allows them to be essentially silent with no harmful emissions going back into the water. The environmental benefits of a solar powered boat are immense in such a polluted time period.

2. Solar Semi-Truck

Fuel efficiency is very important in the truck industry. With less stops to fill up, deliveries can be delivered much quicker. Many people believe that the trucks would not be large enough to hold the panels needed to power the engine. However, this is not true. With advancements in technology, there was a possibility in placing the panels on top of the trailer, or decreasing their size in order to fit on the tractor. With either of these options, the estimated payback period for the panels would be just about 3 years, if installation was $2,500, making this investment more than worth it.

3. Solar Aircraft

IN 2016, one of the first solar powered aircrafts successfully circumnavigated the globe. This milestone proved that solar aircrafts could in fact be a product of the future. There was no fuel involved in this experiment and the plane was powered by over 17,000 solar cells. Following this success, many companies have been doing what they can to continue to test this technology into larger aircrafts. Solar aircrafts have the ability to help the environment in large ways. No fuel means no carbon emissions. The future of solar in the air is going to be a major goal to set and achieve.


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