Vision Solar : Can Solar Panels Be Installed on a Patio Roof

Can Solar Panels Be Installed on a Patio Roof?

Have you been thinking of adding a breezy patio cover or gazebo to your home? Or are you already lucky enough to have one of these structures on your property? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, then we have one more for you: did you know that you can install patio solar panels to save on your monthly energy costs? Here, Vision Solar explores this efficient energy solution so you can learn more about their benefits.

What Are Solar Pergolas?

Simply put, solar pergolas are shade structures, such as a patio or gazebo, with solar panels built directly into their roofs or covers. Thanks to their efficient designs, the patio solar panels block out the sun and produce renewable energy all at once.

Depending on the design you’re going for, certain companies produce transparent solar panels. This way, if you have a lattice-top patio cover or something similar, you can still experience a bit of sun without compromising your panels’ energy production.

Requirements for Installation

Like rooftop installation, your patio cover or gazebo must meet a certain set of criteria before solar panels can be added. Specifically, the angle, orientation, and size of your structure’s roof must meet region-specific conditions. In certain states, the steeper the angle of your roof’s pitch, the greater the amount of energy your solar panels will produce.

You should also thoroughly brainstorm before you choose the location for a newly built shade structure if you don’t already have one. While you should select a spot with frequent southern-facing sun exposure, don’t forget about accessibility. Where can you place your structure so that it’s easily reachable by family and friends? Although you want to reap the most energy benefits possible, make sure you don’t lose sight of the social opportunities offered by solar pergolas.

The Benefits of Solar Pergolas

As you can imagine, solar pergolas offer many benefits for homeowners. If you’re considering adding one to your property, consider this list of patio solar panel advantages before you land on your final decision:

  • They don’t require additional land like ground-mounted panels do.
  • They allow you to go solar without affecting your home’s curb appeal.
  • They provide comfort for users while simultaneously producing energy.
  • You can completely customize a new build to produce the greatest solar output possible.
  • In some cases, installing solar panels makes you eligible for a state or federal rebate.

Make the Transition to Solar

The practical and social benefits of solar pergolas are enticing, especially when you consider how much money you can save by going solar. Plus, if your home’s roof isn’t appropriate for solar panels, turning to a preexisting shade structure or building a new one from scratch can be a more cost-efficient way to reap the benefits of solar power. When you’re ready to get started, the Vision Solar team is here to help. Contact us for more information or request a free quote today.


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