California’s SGIP Battery Rebate: What This Means For Us

We know what you are thinking. SGIP looks like a very intimidating acronym. What does it mean? Well, at Vision Solar we want you to know what other states, including ones that we are not operating in, are doing in order to achieve cleaner energy sources. By seeing trends and following the steps of other states, we can do our best to get all of those benefits to our customers too.

What Is the SGIP?

SGIP stands for Self-Generation Incentive Program. This particular incentive program for California is one of the longest-running and most successful incentive programs in the entire country. The SGIP is an effort to continue to work towards a cleaner source of energy for California and for the future. In 2017, the SGIP Handbook was modified to create a step by step plan towards a lower rate for per watt-hour. These steps were as follows:

Step 1 : 50 cents per watt-hour

Step 2: 45 cents per watt-hour

Step 3 : 40 cents per watt-hour

Step 4 : 35 cents per watt-hour

Step 5 : 30 cents per watt-hour


The steps began taking place in the spring of 2017. The gradual growth towards a cleaner and cheaper energy source has been extremely helpful to the state of California to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases.

Why Should We Care?

This is the most important question to ask. The reason the SGIP is so important to other states is because it is model for how cleaner energy can be achieved. As cleaner energy sources grow in California, we then can see that the SGIP is achieving exactly what it is supposed to. Other states then can use this model to achieve cleaner energy in their areas. The importance of this leads into each individual households’ savings that come with cleaner energy sources.

Savings With Solar

The decrease in cents per watt-hour allows homes to pay less for their electricity. Solar power is one of the best and cleanest energy sources for homeowners. The switch to solar is a huge step towards 100% clean, renewable energy. By decreasing your individual carbon footprint you are making a huge difference on the environment, without ever having to spend any more money on your electric bill. To save money with solar, contact Vision Solar today for every single one of your solar needs.

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