Vision Solar : Best Time of Year to Go Solar

Best Time of Year to Go Solar

There are so many different aspects of your solar panel installation that you may be wondering about. One of them may be when you should switch to solar. For example, does it matter if you install solar in the dead of winter? Hopefully we can provide a few helpful tips and questions to ask to help you put to sleep these pressing questions.

When Is Your Deadline?

There is no true deadline for the time of year in which you should install solar. However, for people looking to buy their solar systems, rather than lease, we recommend beginning the installation process at the end of summer. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that you receive your tax credit for the upcoming tax season. Your tax incentive in New Jersey is worth 30% of your installation costs. This means you can reap all of the benefits of the incentives the year that you installed, rather than having to wait until the following.

Benefits of Installing In the Winter

1. Reaping the Benefits For an Entire Summer
By installing your panels during the winter time, you can ensure that you are taking advantage of the longer summer days for the entire summer. If you wait until the summer time to install then you will miss out on all of the spring sunshine and possible part of your summer sunshine. There is no doubt that the sun shines more during the summer. However, the sun is still sufficient enough in the winter, allowing you to reap the benefits of all of summer and not just part of summer.

2. Working In the Cold
The summer months can be excruciatingly hot in New Jersey. However, the heat that you feel while on your daily walk is not the same heat that our workers are feeling on top of your roof. Because of this, many of our workers enjoy installing during the winter months rather than the summer months.

3. To Be Safe on Time
Circling back to that tax incentive that you can receive for buying your panels, when you install during the winter, you allow for plenty of time before taxes. At times, thing do not always go as planned and hiccups can come up. So, because of this, we want to make sure your installation has plenty of time before taxes, so that you can collect the money that you deserve.


In the end, we know life gets busy. There is no other better time to invest in solar than now. As incentives begin to disappear, we want to make sure that you get the savings you deserve. To begin saving with solar Contact Us.

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