Vision Solar : Apple Switches to Solar

Apple Switches to Solar

Solar power is beginning to become more and more appealing to large companies. The amount of savings is just a small reward for making a positive change. However, the largest reward is knowing how much large corporations can help the environment, just by switching to solar power. One of the largest companies of our time recently made the large commitment to solar. Here’s one hint, you probably have their cell phone. Yes, that’s right, Apple.

Apple’s 2030 Goal

Prior to making this huge goal, Apple had already been partially categorized as carbon neutral. However, their goal to be completely solar by the year 2030 was an effort to decrease their carbon footprint to zero. The entire business will be carbon neutral. Apple has a goal of making sure that every single apple device will have zero climate impact.

Their Plan

Apple has created a road map to get to their goal. Their plan is to take steps. In their 2020 Environmental Progress Report, Apple detailed its plans to reduce emissions by 75 percent by 2030 while developing innovative carbon removal solutions for the remaining 25 percent of its comprehensive footprint. This plan allows them to gradually move into a cleaner source of energy for their entire company, including their production processes and sites.

For A Better Future

Apple is one of the largest companies of our time. Being aware of this, they know that their carbon footprint is a large contributor to harming the environment. They want to do what they can to help provide a better future for our upcoming generations. The damage that has been done is irreversible. However, by moving forward towards a cleaner energy source, Apple is trying to do their best to minimize their effects to the environment.

Your Savings With Solar

It is simple to see the trend with solar power. If larger corporations are seeing the benefits, then it is reasonable to see why households should have access to the same luxuries. At Vision Solar we bring this future to life. We provide a professional installation process that will have you saving the environment and saving money in a flash. The money that you save from solar power can be upwards of 20% on your monthly electric bill. The savings long term can be upwards of $24,000 within a 25 year lease. To get started on your solar journey with us Contact Us.



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